EUROSPRZĘT MIECZYSŁAW WIECZOREK company was founded in 1989 and is engaged in the provision of specialized services wheeled cranes, lifts throughout Poland and European Union. During the 30-years of presence in the market it have gained reputation of a solid and reliable partner for whom customer satisfaction is paramount.

Crane services provided by EUROSPRZĘT is a guarantee of a job well done. Modern equipment, specialised staff and years of experience give us assets new companies don’t posses - extensive knowledge and years of improving our skills in lifting services. Equally important is the safety, facility expansion into modern and safe direction and this also results in the safety of our employees. We always try to ensure that all our machines are fully operational and ready every moment to act.

We provide our services efficiently, professionally and honestly, for 25 years of existance we associated a large group of regular customers very satisfied with our services.


We encourage you to use the services of EUROSPRZĘT. Our equipment base is located in the center of Poland and we operate throughout the whole country.

We offer a proven machine brands, such as:

  • JLG

Our machines are used in construction, the work of handling, assembly, work at height - truncation trees, glazing, washing windows and facades, while removing the effects of car accidents, as well as in the energy sector. We offer cranes with load capacities from 20 to 500 tons, aerial platforms for lift heights from 18 to 53 meters and platforms diesel and electric - lifts and articulated lifting up to 32 meters. So powerful machinery permits complex support for most construction sites and its modernity and our qualified staff provide efficient services at the highest level.

If you need a reliable lift service at an affordable price – you are most welcome. Our high quality equipment and excellent specialists are a professional guarantor of the service. We offer competitive prices, discounts for long-term cooperation and professional consultancy in the field of services.

We invite you to use our services.

Eurosprzęt Team